Editor’s Note

Remember when fashion blogs and paper magazines had the answer to your style and trend questions before social media did? We miss that. We decided to feed our nostalgia and further dedicate ourselves to your closets by creating on the blog. It’s our two cents on all things shoes + styles as it relates to ARCH NYC. We give you an inside scoop on the details of our product and will be highlighting some other cool brands as well. It’s your answer to the “should I buy those?” question, just like the magazines. It’s our way of defining our position as a trusted style authority and letting you pick our fashion brain. Let us into your closet for 5 minutes every Monday, promise?


ARCH NYC, the footwear brand for fashion enthusiasts that offers capsule collections of creative and quality products with an emphasis on novelty attributes. We are the footwear destination for statement pieces. 

Jazmin Veney, creator and visionary behind ARCH NYC, has an impressive background in fashion marketing, specializing in high-profile and luxury brands. ARCH NYC came to fruition in 2018 in her Harlem apartment from a desire to make space for herself in the industry, on her own terms. She has created a brand that strives to push the style agenda with disruptive, conversation-starting products. ARCH was built on the back of a hustler, a dreamer, a tastemaker, and now the culture of undeniable and impressive women are pivotal catalysts of its growth. This statement making brand started as a shoe lover's passion project that elevated into a platform for confidence.