The Story

ARCH NYC, is a women’s footwear brand, specializing in novelty products and statement pieces. We are marrying fun and sophistication with groundbreaking design. With every release, we value curation with design, function, comfort, and imagination at the core of it all. Created from a shoe lover’s passion project. 

Meet the Founder

Jazmin Veney, the creator and visionary behind ARCH NYC, has an impressive background in fashion marketing for iconic and luxury brands. ARCH came to fruition in 2018 in her Harlem apartment from a desire to make space for herself in the industry. Without a traditional design background, she has undoubtedly created a brand that strives to push the style agenda with disruptive, conversation-starting products. ARCH was built from the heart of a tastemaker, dreamer, and self-starter for undeniable and impressive women who are pivotal catalysts of the brand’s growth.