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Remember when fashion blogs and paper magazines had the answer to your style and trend questions before social media did? We miss that. We decided to feed our nostalgia and further dedicate ourselves to your closets by creating on the blog. It’s our two cents on all things shoes + styles as it relates to ARCH NYC. We give you an inside scoop on the details of our product and will be highlighting some other cool brands as well. It’s your answer to the “should I buy those?” question, just like the magazines. It’s our way of defining our position as a trusted style authority and letting you pick our fashion brain. Let us into your closet for 5 minutes every Monday, promise?


Why Shoes Are So Important To Complete the Look

Why Shoes Are So Important To Complete the Look

Why Shoes Are So Important To Complete the Look

by Dairia Kymber Harvin 

For true Arch addicts, shoes are never an afterthought. Even before your clothes or your jewelry, shoes are absolutely the first thing people notice about you. Sometimes they add that extra pop, provide comfort or can make your legs appear longer. Whatever the reason, your choice in shoes is crucial to your overall wardrobe. Here’s why the role of footwear in your outfits matters. 

They highlight your individuality. 

What’s your style personality? The answer is in your shoes. From clean, minimal pairs to bold, chunky options, each piece shows off your uniqueness and mood. Even relaxed styles like our Plush slippers show your taste level in comfort. 

They give a great impression. 

Presentation is everything. Shoes may not reveal exactly who you are, but they definitely give an idea. Why not put your best foot forward around others? They’re the stylish nonverbal cues for people to understand what’s important to you and how you see yourself. 

They set the tone for any occasion.

Shoes tell a story of where you’re going. Whether you’re headed to the gym, to the bar or to work, your shoes show it all. The great thing about our Moscow Mules is their versatility. You can wear them to the office, but you could also keep them on for after-work happy hour or for a weekend brunch.   

They serve a dual purpose. 

Aside from style, shoes are undoubtedly the most useful accessory in your wardrobe. They can prevent you from stubbing your toe and protect you from harsh environments. The duality of utility and style makes shoes the #1 accessory in your wardrobe. 

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