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What Needs to Be Leaving Your Closet Right Now

What Needs to Be Leaving Your Closet Right Now

What Needs to Be Leaving Your Closet Right Now 

It’s that time of year, again. The weather is in-between temperatures, and it’s not always clear how to dress every day. Are boots still okay? Can you have your toes out? It’s hard to believe that spring started on March 20 and we’ve only just begun to feel temperatures warm up. We’re here to reveal 4 things you should upgrade as you welcome spring weather. Spring cleaning not only applies to your home; it’s to your closet, too. 

1. Old Slippers

Out with your old pairs, and in with our Plush styles. Our slippers come in three colors, made to reflect your cozy vibe. Their durability, texture, and crafstmanship are guaranteed to make these your new favorites. Check out the options here


2. Snow Boots

Snow boots take up space due to their heavy-duty, lugged structure.. It’s time to add mules, sandals, casual sneakers, and more to your closet to celebrate sunnier days. Our Moscow mules are an easy way to brighten up your wardrobe. Take a look here


3. Worn-Down Socks 

There are only so many washes and dries that socks can survive before it’s time to get some new ones. Our crew height initial sock is the perfect replacement to add a pop of color and print to your arsenal. They’re warm, cozy, and made for everyone. Shop socks now. 


4. Do a purge!

Overall, you should go through your closet and get rid of those items you’ll never wear or haven’t worn in a while. Donate them and free up space to reinvent yourself. There’s no better time for a refresh than a weather change. 

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