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How to Support Small Businesses

Today we hear from a friend of the brand, Christen a personal stylist, fashion maven, and business owner. She'll be walking us through her experience as a stylists and offering some...

Typing to you live with a Cucumber Detox Mask from PTR on. Morning girls! Today we hear from a friend of the brand, Christen a personal stylist, fashion maven, and business owner. She'll be walking us through her experience as a stylists and offering some key tips on how to support small brands from a styling and fashion influencer perspective. Take 5 minutes with Christen this morning. 

Hey all! My name is Christen and I am the Founder/CEO of Black Women Who Style, SCB Luxury Styling and Project Style University. I stepped into the styling industry back in 2013 as an Editorial Stylist. After realizing my passion for helping the everyday woman feel confident in her own body, I transitioned into Personal Styling and haven't looked back since. So, how did I get here? Well, I think it’s important to understand the impact black owned brands have had on my styling career and why all stylists should continue supporting brands like Arch. 

When I was new to the industry, I didn’t have a ton of experience or the finances to buy clothes and shoes to dress models in. But I was determined to build my portfolio and make a name for myself. Aside from using my own clothes and thrifting to style the models I worked with, I was blessed to be supported by small black owned brands who believed in me and my expertise. They trusted me with their garments without having a huge following and client base and most importantly, allowed me to have creative control. When you’re able to build a trusting relationship with a brand that understands your vision and creative ideas, you’re encouraged to keep going. 

Since the rise of the BLM movement and the increase in platforms like @blackownedeverything and @blackwomenwhostyle, many stylists have been shying away from well-known designer brands and gravitating towards black-owned brands that provide the same and sometimes even better quality. 

Wondering how to support small black-owned Fashion brands that you just can’t get enough of? Keep reading for a few easy tips. 

  1. Purchase the products outright - This may sound like an obvious thing to do but it’s important that we support fashion start-up brands and give them the same respect we would give an OG designer brand. We save up and work hard to afford the luxury brands we see celebrities wearing, but when it comes to a smaller brand, we want a discount. We can’t expect smaller brands to reach a certain level of success if we don’t support them in their growing season. 
  2. Style clients in the products and educate them on the brand - I love discovering new black-owned, fashion brands that I’ve never heard of before. But what I love more than that, is introducing my clients to brands that they end up loving. When I’m styling them in the items for the first time, I make sure I educate them on the brand and why I chose those specific pieces. I talk about the fit, the material, and even about the owner. This will encourage your clients to trust you, value your expertise and support the brand even when they’re not working with you. 
  3. Give an honest review of the products - If you really love a brand and can resonate with their products, you’re naturally going to tell someone about it. Post about the brand on social media, tag them in your posts and/or leave an honest and polite review on their website for everyone to see. 

Christen's Review of Arch: One of my favorite items right now on the site are the Moscow Mules in the color cactus. My favorite color is green so I love being able to incorporate it into my looks. Comfort is everything to me, so I typically go for a block heel because they’re easy to walk in. The texture of the shoe also elevates my looks and makes them easy to dress up or down for the spring/summer. 

My clients that have a boho, edgy and romantic style would love to add these shoes to their wardrobe. 

  1. Bonus* Become a brand affiliate - I know some stylists are in the business of withholding where they shop but nowadays, most brands offer an affiliate program or some type of incentive for stylists, fashion influencers and fashion bloggers to shop and showcase their favorite products. It’s a really cool way to create brand awareness, but to also make some money on the back end while doing what you love; shopping! 

There are also platforms like Like to Know It (LTK), Goodpix and MysTyler that give not just stylists, but anyone the opportunity to create an account and earn commission on items they wear and the brands they support. 

Supporting small and upcoming brands you love should feel like second nature and not forced. Do your research, learn about the brands and support the ones that resonate with you the most!

Stay Stylish, 


Interested in pulling from ARCH NYC? Contact the email with your information and the type of service you are pulling for or your media kit. 

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