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Remember when fashion blogs and paper magazines had the answer to your style and trend questions before social media did? We miss that. We decided to feed our nostalgia and further dedicate ourselves to your closets by creating on the blog. It’s our two cents on all things shoes + styles as it relates to ARCH NYC. We give you an inside scoop on the details of our product and will be highlighting some other cool brands as well. It’s your answer to the “should I buy those?” question, just like the magazines. It’s our way of defining our position as a trusted style authority and letting you pick our fashion brain. Let us into your closet for 5 minutes every Monday, promise?


A Note From Our Founder

A Note From Our Founder

A Re-Introduction From The Founder

If you’re new here this is our 5-minute fashion read that comes out (bi) weekly (or every 6 months depending on how busy we are). This is where we add our editorial two cents and cover everything from new products, business tea, what’s happening in the industry; how it relates to Arch, and more. You’ll get words from the owner, the exec assistant, stylists, journalists, and other friends of the brand along the way. Ideally, you will read this on Monday mornings after you apply your face mask and by the time you’re done reading, you can take it off. Today - it’s a little bit behind schedule but just like all days during the pandemic, you’re lucky we even bothered (just kidding)! 

On The Blog was born because we wanted to connect with our audience outside of Instagram stories. This is a glimpse into our world off the grid - welcome. 

Hey Addicts, it’s Jazmin (Founder, Owner, Arch Extraordinaire all that good stuff). Would you believe me if I told you that writing this has been on my to-do list for like 9 months? This small (and mostly fun) task, I just could never get to it. It felt like it was going to take so much of my time and I kept pushing it off and finding an excuse not to write. But then I was like hold up! Because this is how I connect with my girls - My real addicts - The ones that can’t get enough and want to grow with the brand - True clientele! So I’m back and you’ll be hearing from me more often - along with some cool people I hope will chime in and write along the way. 

And yes, the name was supposed to change but I just think On The Blog works, so thank you for participating in the Instagram poll but I changed my mind. 

This is where I can be transparent and give you details about the brand that I can’t put in an Instagram caption. I feel like the question on everybody’s mind or maybe just mine is what’s next? When are the new shoes coming out? And when are we getting another color in slippers? 

(I’d advise yall to buy them pink slippers chile because the next colorway ain’t coming until November!) 

Arch has grown so much over the last year, we’ve been in conversations that I didn’t expect to be happening for another 2 years, some of which you will see come to fruition very soon. New product is in fact on the way, but did you know as a footwear company I’m supposed to be designing 18 months in advance? Meaning technically right now I’m supposed to be designing Fall 2023. I’m busy trying to keep up with my production calendar, not the fashion calendar but new styles are coming. One style, in particular, that should be our *moment* - you know how brands have that one item that puts them on the map. It’s open-toe, in a slingback strap style, with a very special element that I’m so proud of. It will be offered in Lavender, Sage Green, and Pewter for its first release. 

New Mules are coming too - the fur has been such a hit and like I said with On the Blog I just think it works so we’re going to bring fresh colors in for that style. Around holiday time, you’ll see new materials like satin or leather. But for now, the shoe is so funky in the fur; the outfits pop every time -  it’s a go. 

Did you see Sling? It was a signature slingback that we offered. It was online for about 2 weeks and then it disappeared. I’m going to make an Instagram video about what truly happened with that style one day - because there’s a good business lesson in it and who doesn’t love brand tea? Anyway, that will be returning this summer as well. Higher heel, sexier look, and a perfected fit. 

There’s some other good stuff coming too but let us keep you on your toes! 

Some of you are like yes, now I know what to expect, my face mask is dry girl and I’m ready to go head-on about my day. Others are like, what are the perks of reading this blog? You’re right. I owe you something for listening to me. 3 tips, tricks, and FYI's below:

  1. When you shop with us, there’s a 20% off discount code that pops up in your email for an hour after you purchase. Buy the second color, separately. 
  2. Don’t tell anyone, but if you use code FREESHIP from time to time, you may get free shipping who knows. 
  3. Clean your slippers with a paper towel or cloth, light soap, and warm water. You’re an adult them cow slippers should not be that dirty! Let them air dry and place them in your duster bag when you aren’t using them. 

Bye Friends! 

Until next read, 


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